At 19 and a film student in Tokyo I worked nights to save the money for my first computer. With my first Mac came the delights of the internet and an overwhelming erge to discover more about it. Curiosity compelled me to make a website. So armed with a computer and the internet teachings I taught myself to make one. The many comments I got fueled me to further discover its heart and to change my career path into the wide world of web.

I got my first job in the industry soon after that trained me in design and how to use software. That was many years ago but my passion and interest in web technologies is still the same. Having had several fulltime positions for different companies running websites for mobile phones and for computers in Tokyo, I moved to Australia in 2006. In 2007 after starting my own internet shop I decided to make it on my own and started freelancing. I now look for clients who have a vision to expand their businesses, offering them original designs for easy to manage internet stores, company profiles, information pages, blogs, logos, business cards and many kinds of print.

Having run my own internet shops I understand the importance of user friendly design and strive to make websites that are up to date with the latest trends and technologies as well as suit the clients' products, companies and needs.

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